Interview with Pelle Ohlsson

Interview with Pelle Ohlsson, AcouSome project coordinator

What better way to learn about the AcouSome project than through the words of its coordinator, Pelle Ohlsson? We are therefore pleased to share a short interview with Pelle, who introduces his role within the project and its objectives.

Who are you?
I have a background in acoustofluidics research and joined AcouSort in 2014, where I work with R&D and IP. I’ve led many of our feasibility studies and research projects, such as the early studies with Werfen, currently AcouPlast and now AcouSome.

What is AcouSome?
AcouSome is a 3-year project that was awarded 2.5 MEUR by the EIC to develop a cartridge to find exosomes in blood. Exosomes are intensely researched as diagnostic markers for a wide range of diseases, but the methods currently used to collect them from blood samples are not readily integrated into diagnostic instruments. Through AcouSome, we want to change this.

What does it mean for AcouSort?
In the short term the project finances roughly 8 people, half of them at AcouSort, working on this for 3 years – all the way from mapping out what the diagnostic industry needs, through realizing it by R&D, to making manufacture of AcouSort’s technologies easier and more cost efficient. In the long term this opens new opportunities both for business and to help save lives.

The AcouSome project started in early 2023 and will run for 36 months, until the end of 2025. A bit more in detail, the goal of AcouSome project is to develop a miniaturized microfluidic module for exosome isolation directly from blood using ultrasound generated by thin films, to be used across wide research and next generation diagnostics applications.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the AcouSome project!