Acousome Kickoff

AcouSome kick-off meeting

The AcouSome kick-off meeting was held at the AcouSort headquarters in Lund, Sweden in the beginning of February. It was an opportunity for representatives of all partners to meet again, given that the multidisciplinary group of academic, industrial and medical partners had already worked successfully on the BioWings project, of which AcouSome is the natural continuation towards the implementation.

In the Acousome kick-off, the team pooled all their skills for the first time, discussing their involvement in the various phases of the project. The consortium has decided the working methods and deadlines for each Work Package, also setting up an operational round table to discuss more current topics such as the approval of the logo and the structure of the website. The meeting was also an opportunity to get to know the European Commission officer who led the discussion of the project objectives, which – as a Transition –  will be very focused on the market.

After the meeting, the team met for dinner, to bond and prepare for this new experience.

The next meeting will take place in Copenhagen, at DTU, in 5 months.